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Activ Chiropractic
This is a small chiropractic clinic in a small town called Hoppers Crossing, Victoria , Australia .

This site is to show useful exercises and advice on improving one’s quality of life , via exercise , nutrition and chiropractic.
It is being run by Dr. Nicholas Nguyen.
To view the newsfeed / blog on advice please click the newsfeed link above in the right hand corner.
You can also go through the  categories on the side menu to the right of this.

Dr Nicholas Is currently running a free youtube channel providing basic tutorials for jonit and body maintenance .
Here is a an example of his videos:

For more health videos check out :
Exercises :


He currently practices:

Hoppers Crossing Family Chiropractic Centre

122 Derrimut Rd
Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029
 (03) 9748 6666



5 comments on “Contact Details
  1. Sharon says:

    I have had a Patella Auto-graft Reconstruction on my knee 6 weeks ago. I have a patella that feels like it is tracking high whilst descending the stairs. On occasion the knee has clunked on stepping Are there any exercises you can recommend for this?

  2. Atilla says:

    Hey, it’s Atilla from Periscope 😀

    Do you have any videos on stretching our the shoulder?

  3. Shuraim says:

    That’s pretty good. thank u Nicholas 4 these vids. They are really helpful, I find them really self explanatory..I’m a physical therapist in the making! thank u Doctor!

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