Neck Cloud

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The Neck Cloud will decompress the neck and reduce neck pain . It is designed to be light and portable. Giving you the ability to use it anywhere easily. Neck pain and cervical compression occur in people that have to spend long hours in a static position such as long hours at a computer desk , driving cars or factory work . 

The Neck Cloud comfortably gives longitudinal traction for the cervical spine , relaxing cervical paraspinals . This will reduces soreness and irritation between the vertebrae. Using this over time will allow you to improve your posture and prevent neck degenerative change. 

The most effective way to use the Neck Cloud is to progressively increase the inflation to slowly increase the strength of the traction on the neck . 

Please avoid using the device near hard or sharp or heat object to prevent the device from being damaged., pub-4468295329673001, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0