Crescent Cuddling Pillow For Pain Relief

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Ever had your arm go numb while cuddling or sleeping?  We all have experienced this before. It is uncomfortable and but you no longer will have to worry about that anymore with this pillow.

The solution is here!  The new 2019 Crescent Couple Pillow is specifically designed for you to sleep AND cuddle with your partner while preventing your arm from falling asleep. Wake up with a better and refreshed with this pillow.

This pillow is perfect for couples and is perfect to strengthen bonds. We all love cuddling but waking up with a numb, tingling and painful arm will effect a good night sleep and your partner.

However , now you have a the CRESCENT CUDDLING PILLOW to give you the perfect position for both the comfort of you and your partner.

There is no denying the benefits of the Crescent Cuddling Pillow.  When you hug someone your body releases OXYTOCIN. A hormone in charge of helping you reduce stress and relax for sleep. This will help you recover and ready for the next day . 

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If you are a side sleeper this pillow is perfect for you. This position is best to reduce snoring and and side sleeping.  

  • PROTECT YOUR ARMS: This is engineered to support the arm and reduce numbness and tingling down the arms during sleep.
  • PREVENTS NECK, BACK, AND SHOULDER PAIN: The soft, crescent of this pillow supports the neck and shoulders in the ideal position and may help alleviate any tension or stiffness in the spine by promoting proper spinal alignment during sleep.

  • CUSHION COMFORTThe pillow will position your body in the perfect position to sleep. The foam will adjust to your body's needs for a better sleep.
  • IMPROVED SLEEP QUALITY: M The Materials are specifically researched to react and support your neck and head and  allow you for better health and recover whilst being a position with your partner.

This pillow is not only used for sleeping in bed but if you need a quick nap at the desk this pillow is perfect for any situation. 

This will allow a more productive day and re-energise you with naps .


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