5 Piece Gua Sha Massage Tool Set

  • $20.06

Dating back to ancient Chinese medicine, it was believed the art of scraping ones back with special tools could release the "bad blood" that was causing one illness or discomfort. 

Gua Sha, or coining, as modern medicine calls this technique, stimulates the skin via pressured strokes and scrapes to create "sha," the red spotting that appears. 

The technique is believed to remove stagnant blood in the problem area which can carry illness and cause pain. As you stroke away the "bad blood," the action promotes circulation of blood flow and boosts metabolic processes. The technique is thought to increase fresh, oxygenated blood to the area, boosting cellular repair, regeneration and healing.

The strokes generally fade after a couple of days depending on the level of pressure applied, leaving the individual feeling refreshed, and relieved of muscular aches.

This 5 piece massage tool set is the perfect starter pack to practice the technique or, gift to someone special in need of muscle relief. Provided tools are shaped and sized in different patterns to allow diversity of use to suit all body types.

- 5 assorted piece set
- Color: As the picture shown.

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