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DIY Neck Pain , Posture and Headache stretches

This is a video I recently done for everyone to be able to do .It will explain the muscles that a responsible for effecting neck pain , change in posture and headaches. These stretches are to be held for 20

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DIY Posture and Shoulder soreness

This is a video I made that shows some basic things everyone can do to prevent shoulder strain and improve posture. It will explain how our posture is effected by daily habits eg . driving and working posture. The main

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Shoulder Pain from Bad posture and Exercise.

Lifting causing shoulder pain: Infraspinatus. The Infraspinatus is one of the main troublesome rotator cuff muscles. It is a dynamic stabilizer and assists external rotation. It is located behind the lower part of the shoulder blade.  How do Infraspinatus injuries happen:

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