Get Mobile

Great article by a great athlete mother.


Admit it! You don’t mobilize enough. You work all day (probably sitting down for hours), you drive to the box, spend five minutes with a broom stick, start lifting and wondering why your squats feel so much harder today. You do your 15 minute met con, grab your keys, drive home and sit on the couch for the rest of the evening.
I get it, you have to make dinner, pick up the kids and clean the house but….
No wonder your hips are aching and you can’t pb your snatch. You will also ALWAYS suck at pistols too. (They will not just magically happen, you have to work on predominantly ankle flexion EVERY SINGLE DAY to get even remotely close to being able to perform even one single decent pistol).
Kelly Starrett mobility god says that it’s the first and foremost important aspect of your training. If…

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