Don’t eat these Foods : Anxiety

Don’t eat these foods if you have Anxiety


Sugar :
We all know sugar is bad for you . By limiting sugar in your diet or energy drinks, cortisol levels in your body will also lower aswell.
Cortisol is a hormone that works with adrenalin from your kidneys . This hormone takes calcium deposits from your bones and increase stress levels in your body .
To counter this try to increase fibre in your diet to regulate sugar levels.

Processed foods:
Processed foods are filled with hormones , chemical , preservative and salts . Processed foods do make life easier, however they make quality of life a lot more worse. Having hormones and refine grains in foods will increase anxiety levels due to the high energy content and causes the body to work harder to balance the influx of unnecessary hormones being eaten . In a lot of processed foods there are trans-fatty acids as well as salts , these substances not only can subject you to heart diseases but is highly relative to anxiety attacks as well.

Refined foods:
The biggest culprit causing anxiety is refined foods . Refined foods are high in starch , processed grains , corn syrup , hydrogenated fats , enriched flours and sugar. Most refined foods that we generally eat are breads and pasta. There are many whole grain breads and pastas on the market now which makes it easy for us to have a health conscious switch. To make your meal even more healthy and prevent anxiety try to have more mixed grainy foods , which have many types of grains in them .
High sugar and starch content will send your body into a high and creating a large crash later , causing your body to be in a stressful and anxious addiction. this will leave you shaky  and cranky.

Potato chips:
Chips or crisp in come countries are full of salt (sodium) , refined grains , unhealthy fats (clog arteries ) , causes over eating , increase blood pressure and can cause blood pressure to increase , due to the large increase of sodium  and processed ingredients.
If you love chips , you can always try a healthier alternative such as oven baking tortilla wraps or chop up sweet potatoes with herbs and bake that .

Great sweet potato recipe is :
sweet potatoe chips

Caffeine stimulates the body’s nervous system . Anxiety is very relative to over stimulation on any type of receptor . If there is a large amount of caffeine in the body and over stimulating the central nervous system it will cause people to shaky and have immense fatigue afterwards.

Alcohol :
Alcohol is normally used as a relaxant but it also a depressant. This will cause the person to feel the need to have more by being depressed . A good substitute is a herbal or non caffeinated tea. Tea has antioxidants and great relaxing properties. Cutting back on a glass of wine would be a good idea to decrease anxiety problems.

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