Relieve lower back pain .

Lower back stretches to relieve pain.

Lower back pain is a complicated issue. There may be misalignments of the spine , musculature , ligaments joints even organs that are referring pain . The common issue that causes pain in the lumbar region of your lower back is mechanical lower back pain . This is normally caused by straining your lower back from lifting something heavy or wrong . Sometimes the spasm or back pain is already existing but the person is unaware where the origin really is from.

An easy way to relieve pain from lower back pain is :

a heat pack
a ice pack
foam roller firm pillow

Stretches you can do:
Hold these positions for about 20 secs for 3 times.
Lower back stretches

Use the firm pillow or roller just above your hip bone and lay on top of it placing your belly button in the center then take 8 deep breaths . You can either have the ice pack or the heat pack on the muscles of your lower back for pain relief. Ice pack is normally used for injuries that just happened under 72 hours . Heat packs are normally used for long term issues.  You can get up off the floor after 8 seconds to have a break then repeat the exercise 3 times .

the position should look similar to this picture:
pillow under stomach

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