Side effects of energy drinks.

These are the main ingredients of energy drinks

High in sugar
Energy drinks have high sugar levels, they can contian between 15grams to 30grams of sugar. That equates to approximately 2-4 table spoons of sugar in one drink. These are unwanted calories you want before a gym work out or your daily living. Sugar leaves you dehydrated, suppresses your immune system, increases inflammation and has ageing properties.
Constant consumption of sugar also causes your body to falsely satisfy with sugar and once high sugar levels become depleted you become moody.

Artificial sweeteners
These artificial sweeteners actually cause your body to go under a lot of stress trying to process the artificial sweeteners. Such sweeteners are aspartame, which is in phenylalanine.
This sweetener is highly related to
• anxiety
• memory loss
• weight gain
• depression

Adrenal fatigue
Caffeine intake can cause some people to actually feel lethargic. This symptom is commonly known as adrenal fatigue due to the constant consumption of caffeine. Do not increase caffeine intake to overcome this. In order to restore a normal functioning adrenal glands the human body will need to recover over time, or go through a detox regime. The safe recommend dose of caffeine is between 400-900 mg in a day period. This is relative to the person’s size and weight.

The adrenal glands are located on top of your kidneys . The more and more the adrenal glands have to work the more your kidneys are prone to failure or have problems recovering later in life.

B Vitamins
Vitamin is very beneficial for the human body, given that the right dosage is being used. This vitamin interacts with the human nerve system and help red blood cells healthy. However by consuming more than 36mg of Vitamin b can cause Flushing and more than 3000mg can cause damage to the human liver. As for Vitamin B6, if taken more that 99mg, can cause a burning sensation down limbs and skin lesions.

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