Restoring your Acid levels.

Acid levels in the body greatly effect your quality of life.
Imbalances of the human body’s PH levels can play a big role in :

Lack of motivation, depression
Brittle hair and nails
Dry skin
Lowered body temperature
Sensitive gums, loose teeth and mouth ulcers
Leg cramps and spasms
Mood swings
Digestive problems

Living a busy and social lifestyle can at times be very taxing on the human body .
Such foods such as :
Fatty junk food
processed flours

These Foods Will definitely increase your Acidic levels within your blood.

To help prevent the increase Ph levels in your body increase the intake of such foods like :

Green vegetables
Coloured vegetables (except tomatoes)

here is a simple recipe.
This Salad is filled with antioxidants , akaline substances , minerals and it is great light meal or snack.
It will only take 10-15 mins to make.
Zucchini Salad,zucchini-recipes

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